Friday, February 20, 2015

Guess the Answer

"All I can do is just lying on the bed; hating myself, trying not to cry. Yes, this stupid little thing can make me cry like a baby. It’s not about the butterflies in my tummy anymore; it’s more like a group of bull spring into a rage; trying to destroy my tummy. I can throw up anytime, and I can barely breathe. My head’s aching, my body’s trembling—damn it sounds too dramatic, but it is what I feel every single night. And that is exactly what I felt just a moment ago. I wonder what the hell is going on with me. I mean, it’s just a simple problem but I take it too seriously."
From the text above, we can conclude that ...
A. The writer is in love.
B. The writer loves watching drama.
C. The writer ate a group of bull until she got sick.
D. The writer feels tired so she's lying on the bed.
E. The writer is depressed but she's got no idea why.


  1. E, I guess. That's exactly what I've been feeling these days. Anyway I miss you, April :3

    1. MISS U TOO KIR! WKWKWK iya nih sedikit depresi dalam beberapa minggu terakhir :' semangat untuk kita yeaaa


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