Sunday, January 15, 2012

One Direction, again.

good job Asian Directioners!!! Ah, me proud of you guys. we dominated twitter trends today, and massive thanks to all directioners who helped us trending it. yeah, you know, there are some people who can't stand Asian but it didnt happen in 1D Family! I LOVE THIS FAMILY! You guys are ExtraordinHarry, FabuLouis, BrilLiam, AmaZayn, and PhenomeNiall! Unfortunately our boys didnt appear in Timeline atm, but I wish they notice that we deserve a Tour too! I used to think that it would be great if I live in Narnia, but now I'm bored to live in this kind of world. Ah, please Aslan get mah boys to Narniaaa! We Narnians need them too! (It's a Directioner thing)

so have you watched One Thing - One Direction official music video? It's flawless! 3minutes and 18 seconds of perfection.....

1:30, that's what we call Zouis bromance!
and inbetweeners dance they did, OMG :3

Yeah, Louis looks hot! but he looks different with that hairstyle and his biceps are gettin bigger too. Yeah, but he's still the same, funny.  yeah, I like fun guy, like Mushroom, fun-gi haha (Once again, it's a directioner thing).

Louis is my favourite. He's maybe not the best-looking and the best-singer in the band but he's got the best personality, ever. his band-mates also found him good. Niall said he'd love to be Louis, and Zayn said if he could date one of the boys, it would be Louis. Harry is Louis' fan and I love their bromance (Larry Stylinson).  The point is, Lou's got that One Thing :)

And yeah, he's not gay -_- he's got a girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.

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